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Anonymous asked: I had a preconceived notion about you. I want to apologize. Reading some of your stories, has made me realize that you are human too. You are not perfect and that you have had to go through certain things to get to a good place you are today. I'm sure the you back then would give you a Big Hug and say thank you for becoming the awesome man that you are today.

This definitely made my night. Thank you for the insight! And I do hope so. I always think about whether or not the person I am now would a role model for the previous me.

I didn’t know so many of you guys felt the same way. Yay for not being alone! 

Anonymous asked: On a scale from 1 to 10 10 being the highest.. how gay are you?


I don’t know what’s so different with me.

I don’t want to think I’ve gotten boring, or that I’ve gotten lazy.

I’m not about that PLUR or YOLO or Fuck Bitches Get Money life.

I wonder if my introverted side is started to come out. At this point in time I’d rather live a routined life. Maybe it’s because I’ve became more focused on academia that all other stimuli seems to be a distraction if it seems counter productive.

I’m going to Life in Color this Saturday and I’m not even excited. Any unneeded pressure makes me feel uncomfortable, and I feel pressured to look my best there. 

I honestly don’t mind just staying up, going to work one day, going to school the next, studying, spend a day or two watching Netflix or playing video games. Eating junk food, and regretting it, and then eating healthy again. Then repeat the process. With the occasional spontaneous trip.

Kick backs? Parties? Clubs? Vegas? Downtown? Nahh. I don’t really care. Sometimes I wonder if it’s because I used to go out all the time and now I have it out of my system. 

I dunno, man.



I’ve seen a lot of fan art and this is one of the best sets I’ve seen :O 

DAMN GOOD go check out e-rr-a.deviantart.com

That Walmart bag tho

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Anonymous asked: How was your day?

Thanks for asking haha. Mondays I have class from 7am-6pm.

I had a talk with some of my classmates who graduated with biology degrees from ucsd, ucla, uci, and even csulb and needed to retake some classes at community. They say the classes I’m taking are difficult, even for them.

Honestly I was shocked. I was always stressed out because I figured if community college was difficult, what about undergrad?

It made me a little proud of myself to be doing well in my current classes and workload. If I can handle it now, I can handle it later on. Definitely the high light of my day.

Anonymous asked: Did you ever have sex with Jason?

Um what? LOL

Anonymous asked: Describe your ideal guy

A capped-level Blood Elf Paladin to tank for me forever 💜

Anonymous asked: have you ever wanted to switch lives with someone else? i look at you and can't help but think how lucky you are. You are able to be who you are and love the people you wanna love. things seem so simple for you.. you can just do the normal stuff and still have that solid friendship and love interests..

I have. With multiple people for multiple reasons. But in the end, although it’s probably out of envy, I try to be happy with what I have. My life is just as anyone else’s. There are things that I share and keep secret, as well as how I act isn’t exactly how I feel. This is true for everyone since every single person goes through things differently.

It isn’t hard to be who I am, but it isn’t easy as well. It’s a personal struggle but it’s full of personal growth.

Be proud of who you are because no one can do it better than yourself. That’s something I’m still learning.




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they win, they win everything

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So much insecurity it ain’t even funny.

To the point where it’s hard to even sleep.




she went to a better place

These comments are killing me